It’s almost Mother’s day!
We hope you already found the perfect gift for the most amazing mom in the world, but if not, don’t worry! Our team cherry-picked 10 wonderful presents you can choose from to make your mom feel extra special on that day.Oh, and you can thank us later. 🙂
1. Infuser Water Bottle 24 Oz with Free Recipe Ebook Download!

Our moms are always active and busy so it’s a good idea to help them keep hydrated with this infuser water bottle – plus, it includes a FREE e-book of infused water recipes! What’s good is that there is an accompanying strainer and water infuser cage that separates the fruit from the liquid, releasing only the natural flavors and preventing seeds and pieces of fruit from floating into your drink. Be a sweet child and include a basket of fruits when you give this to your mom as a present so she can easily whip up that healthy and hydrating lemon and mint infused water.

Buy it on Amazon at $11.97
2. Simply Straight Ceramic Brush Hair Straightener
Save a trip to the salon and straighten your mom’s hair with this ceramic brush hair straightener from Simply Straight. This is recommended for mothers who are too busy to visit a salon or just never want to commit to permanently straight or curly hair. This revolutionary brush smooths and straightens your hair in minutes! It heats up to the perfect temperature for a super-fast, even heating that will not damage hair. Simply brush your hair for tangle-free styling! It’s currently on sale so you may want to grab the opportunity to buy it for your mom before the sale ends.
Buy it on Lazada at ₱440.00 approx $7.97
3. Pour-Over Drip Coffee Maker
Is your mom a coffee lover? Then this is the perfect gift for her this Mother’s day. It makes up to 4-cups of coffee and is specially designed to brew the best-tasting coffee using the manual, pour over coffee method. This time-tested Japanese coffee brewing method also called hand drip coffee, it allows complete control over coffee to water ratio and brew time using a slow, precise water flow that’s critical to extracting a consistent, rich quality and distinctly flavorful result. Your mom will gonna love the artistic way of making coffee in the morning.
Buy it on Amazon at $24.70 
4. Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser
Your mom definitely deserved a good rest after a grueling day, right? This aroma essential oil diffuser has beauty and health benefits that moms will appreciate. It refreshes skin by keeping skin healthy and moist while humidifying the air in the room especially during summer to keep the quality of air. It has different light colors to match the mood of the room. And don’t forget to buy different aroma essential oils!
Buy it on Lazada at ₱1,410.00 approx $28.10 
5. Donut Bath Bombs
What’s not to love about bath bombs? It makes bathing more fun and fragrant! These donut bath bombs are just perfect for when your mom wants to spend some quality me time. All you need to do is drop your bomb into a bath of warm water and watch as it fizzes, releasing its perfume and essential oils, while the Bicarbonate of Soda softens the water.
Buy it on Etsy at $4.75
6. Wooden Bud Vase with Test Tubes
Planning on giving your mother a bouquet of flowers? Why not make it a little more special and unique?
This wooden bud vase adds a shabby chic feel to the usual bouquet idea.
Buy it on Etsy at $46.23
7. Tabletop Nostalgic Bluetooth Wooden Turntable
This for the moms who love playing music old-school style. Does she own a collection of vinyl records of her favorite singers? Then this is the perfect gift for her and yes even the kids from the new generation can use this too because you can also play your music using any Bluetooth device. If you are not sold yet this also has a CD Player, USB Player, and Recorder, AM/FM Radio with built-in stereo speakers.
Buy it on Amazon at $99.88
8. Electric 4 in 1 Waterproof Skin Care Massage Brush
Help mom maintain her youthful glow with this electric skin care massage brush. This cordless brush clears pores and reduces pore size and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by deeply cleaning pores and extracting bacteria.
Buy it on Lazada at ₱1,200.00 approx $23.91 
9. Aldo Hildeyerd Watch
This beautiful timepiece has a wide face with interchangeable straps (4 extra straps!) that will surely impress your mom. It’s like having 5 new watches for the price of one.
Buy it on Zalora at ₱1,995.00 approx $39.74 
10. Elite Luggage Cover
Every jet setter mom needs this luggage cover to protect luggage from damage, scratches, and dirt. Plus, it is easier to spot your luggage on the conveyor belt.
Buy it on Lazada at ₱599.00 approx $11.93
Have fun shopping and hope your mom would love your gift!

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